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Key Description Key Description
Standard Features
- NEMA Premium Efficiency
- 50Hz Capable at 1.0SF
- Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
- Continuouse (S1) Duty
- 40°C Ambient Rating
- IP55 Protection
- Inverter Rated 15:1 Constant Torque (1.0 SF on VFD) MG1 Pt. 31
- Class F Insulation
- Class B temperature Rise
- Vacuum Pressure Impregnated Stator
- Shaft Grounding Brush Installed
- Fully Epoxy Potted Conduit Box Entry
- Stainless Steel Anti-Corrosion Fan Cover
- Brake kit & Encoder Kit Ready
- PTC Thermal Protection Installed
- Removable Feet F1, F2, F0 convertible
- Conduit Box is 90° Rotatable
- Full Die-Cast Aluminum Frame
- Anti-microbial (Tropicalization) coating on Stator
- Powder Coated RAL 7024
- Graphite Gray
- 1.25 Service Factor with 60Hz TEFC operation
- Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D Compliant
- 36 Month Warranty from date of purchase
- Over Sized Shielded Bearings
- Viton Double Lip Shaft Seals
- TENV Capable at 1.0 SF
- 1045 steel shaft
- Stainless steel nameplate
- Corrosion Resistant Blue Zinc Hardware
Part NumberMotor GroupFrame SizeHPRPMVoltageList PriceMultiplier CodeDownload
CB3-AL-TF-56C-4-B-D-.33NEMA Premium56C0.331800208-230/460309-product details
CB3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-.33NEMA Premium56C0.333600208-230/460318-product details
CB3-AL-TF-56C-4-B-D-.5NEMA Premium56C0.51800208-230/460325-product details
CB3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-.5NEMA Premium56C0.53600208-230/460334-product details
CB3-AL-TF-56C-4-B-D-.75NEMA Premium56C0.751800208-230/460353-product details
CB3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-.75NEMA Premium56C0.753600208-230/460356-product details
CB3-AL-TF-56C-4-B-D-1NEMA Premium56C1.01800208-230/460399-product details
CB3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-1NEMA Premium56C1.03600208-230/460373-product details
CB3-AL-TF-56HC-4-B-D-1.5NEMA Premium56HC1.51800208-230/460501-product details
CB3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-1.5NEMA Premium56C1.53600208-230/460390-product details
CB3-AL-TF-56HC-4-B-D-2NEMA Premium56HC2.01800208-230/460548-product details
CB3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-2NEMA Premium56C2.03600208-230/460416-product details
CB3-AL-TF-56HC-2-B-D-3NEMA Premium56HC3.03600208-230/460578-product details