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EPAct Aluminum 56C
Standard Features
- Inverter Rated - 4:1 Constant Torque
- IP55 Protection Rated
- Multi mount Removable Feet
- 50/60 Hz Capable
- One-Way Brass Condensation Drain
- 1.15 Service Factor
- Conduit box is 90° Rotatable
- Double Lip Oil Seals on DE & ODE
- Vacuum Impregnated Winding
- 9 Lead Dual Voltage
- Drive End Bearing Locks
- Class F Insulation System with Class H Stator
- F1, F2, F0 Field Convertible (Shipped F1)
- Designed to Class B Temperature Rise
- 24 Month Warranty
Key Description Key Description
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Part NumberMotor GroupFrame SizeHPRPMVoltageList PriceMultiplier CodeDownload
BL3-AL-TF-56C-4-B-D-.33EPAct56C0.331800208-230/460CALL-product details
BL3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-.33EPAct56C0.333600208-230/460CALL-product details
BL3-AL-TF-56C-4-B-D-.5EPAct56C0.51800208-230/460CALL-product details
BL3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-.5EPAct56C0.53600208-230/460CALL-product details
BL3-AL-TF-56C-4-B-D-.75EPAct56C0.751800208-230/460CALL-product details
BL3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-.75EPAct56C0.753600208-230/460CALL-product details
BL3-AL-TF-56C-4-B-D-1EPAct56C1.01800208-230/460CALL-product details
BL3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-1EPAct56C1.03600208-230/460CALL-product details
BL3-AL-TF-56C-4-B-D-1.5EPAct56C1.51800208-230/460CALL-product details
BL3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-1.5EPAct56C1.53600208-230/460CALL-product details
BL3-AL-TF-56C-4-B-D-2EPAct56C2.01800208-230/460CALL-product details
BL3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-2EPAct56C2.03600208-230/460CALL-product details
BL3-AL-TF-56C-2-B-D-3EPAct56C3.03600208-230/460CALL-product details