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Premium NEMA Rolled Steel, ODP
Standard Features
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- IP 23 Rated
- 40°C Ambient Rating
- Double Lip Oil Seals
- 1.25 SF up to 50 HP (1.15 for larger frames)
- Vacuum Impregnated Stator Winding
- Corrosion Resistant Hardware
- Tropicalization on Stator Winding
- Nipple Seals Between Conduit Box and Body
- Rubber Slingers
- Conduit box is 90° Rotatable
- Class H Insulation with Class F Stator
- C & D Flanges Available
- 36 Month Warranty
- Inverter Rated (MG Part 31-15:1 Constant Torque)
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Key Description
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Part NumberMotor GroupFrame SizeHPRPMVoltageList PriceMultiplier CodeDownload
GR3-RS-OP-143T-4-B-D-1General Purpose143T1.018003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-143T-2-B-D-1General Purpose143T1.036003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-145T-4-B-D-1.5General Purpose145T1.518003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-143T-2-B-D-1.5General Purpose143T1.536003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-145T-4-B-D-2General Purpose145T2.018003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-145T-2-B-D-2General Purpose145T2.036003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-182T-4-B-D-3General Purpose182T3.018003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-145T-2-B-D-3General Purpose145T3.036003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-184T-4-B-D-5General Purpose184T5.018003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-182T-2-B-D-5General Purpose182T5.036003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-213T-4-B-D-7.5General Purpose213T7.518003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-184T-2-B-D-7.5General Purpose184T7.536003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-215T-4-B-D-10General Purpose215T10.018003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-213T-2-B-D-10General Purpose213T10.036003 Phase USCALL-datasheet
GR3-RS-OP-215T-2-B-D-15General Purpose215T15.036003 Phase USCALL-datasheet