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Standard Features
- Vector Drive SVC, VC, V/F Control
- Speed, Torque Control
- PID Control
- 2AI, 2AO, 5DI, 1DO, 2RO
- Wall Or DIN Rail Mount

- LED Keypad with Potentiometer
- IP20 (IP21/NEMA 1 Kit)
- Modbus RTU/RS4485
- 12 Month Warranty

- Vector Drive SVC, VC, V/F Control
- Speed, Torque and Position Control
- Open or Closed Loop Operation
- PID Control
- Asynchronous AC and PMAC motors
- 2AI,1AO, 6DI, 1DO, 2RO
- Multiple Motor Capable
- Regenerative Control Power
- Removable LCD Keypad
- 230 and 460V Input Available
- Output 0HZ - 400HZ
- Bluetooth, Wifi, USB
- Safe Torque Off Function
- Internal DC Filter
- IP20 (IP21, NEMA 1 Kit)
- Expansion and Comm Cards
- 12 Month Warranty

Part NumberMotor GroupFrame SizeHPRPMVoltageList PriceMultiplier CodeDownload
TD20-1R5G-2VFD---220CALL-product details
TD20-2R2G-2VFD---220CALL-product details
TD350-037G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-045G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-055G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-075G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-090G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-110G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-160G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-004G-2VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-5R5G-2VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-7R5G-2VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-011G-2VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-004G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-5R5G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-7R5G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-011G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-015G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-018G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-022G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD350-030G-4VFD----CALL-product details
TD20-0R7G-S2VFD1--220CALL-product details
TD20-0R4G-S2VFD1--220CALL-product details
TD20-0R4G-2VFD2--220CALL-product details
TD20-0R4G-S1VFD2--110CALL-product details
TD20-0R7G-2VFD2--220CALL-product details
TD20-0R7G-S1VFD2--110CALL-product details
TD20-1R1G-S1VFD2--110CALL-product details
TD20-1R5G-4VFD2--460CALL-product details
TD20-1R5G-S2VFD2--220CALL-product details
TD20-2R2G-4VFD2---CALL-product details
TD20-2R2G-S2VFD2---CALL-product details
TD20-0R7G-4VFD2--460CALL-product details